Since the opening of its branch in the JBR area, Meat Moot Restaurant has been achieving remarkable success and attracting a large number of visitors. This restaurant, which has become a prime destination for smoked meat lovers in Dubai, welcomes a huge number of tourists from around the world daily, who come to enjoy the most delicious dishes in an atmosphere that blends traditional heritage with modern design.


The restaurant offers its guests a comprehensive experience in every aspect, from comfortable seating to food that tantalizes the senses and ignites the appetite. The magic of the restaurant extends beyond the delicious dishes to include a diverse selection of drinks and juices that perfectly complement the dining experience. The dishes are characterized by their authentic flavor and generous presentation, ensuring guests an unforgettable experience. Additionally, the competitive prices provide an exceptional experience that suits all tastes and budgets, making a visit to Meat Moot a satisfying adventure for everyone.


In this context, the owner of Meat Moot Restaurant states: “We are honored to welcome you to all our branches to share this unique experience in the UAE. Our mission is to showcase the warmth of hospitality, delicious dishes, and flavors that set us apart from the competition. We invite everyone to join us on this distinguished journey as we celebrate the spirit of family gatherings and the vibrant atmosphere in the restaurant.”


After the official opening, Meat Moot JBR hosted a group of social influencers, featuring a wide range of the most delicious meals accompanied by great musical atmospheres. They expressed their happiness with this special presence by taking photos and videos and sharing them on their social media accounts. The restaurant also hosted many prominent actors, including actress Noor Ali and actor Bilal Martini, who were delightful guests of the Meat Moot restaurant chain. We are also proud of the visit by the esteemed artist Mona Wassef, which added a special touch that we as a team and management take pride in.


The staff and chefs at Meat Moot are characterized by their high skill and professionalism, contributing to an exceptional dining experience for customers. The team is distinguished by:


  • Experience and Training: Meat Moot’s chefs are highly trained professionals with top-notch expertise in grilling and smoked cooking.
  • Creativity and Innovation: The chefs are capable of innovation, offering unique smoked dishes that blend traditional and contemporary flavors.
  • Precision and Quality: The team adheres to high standards in ingredient selection and cooking methods to consistently deliver delicious food.
  • Dedication to Service and Team Spirit: The team always strives to meet customers’ needs and exceed their expectations through excellent and dedicated service. There is a cooperative spirit among team members that contributes to harmony and excellence in all service aspects.


Tips for Enjoying a Visit to Meat Moot


  • Advance Booking: Due to the restaurant’s popularity, it is advisable to make a reservation in advance to secure a table at the desired time.
  • Explore the Menu: It is recommended to try a variety of smoked dishes to enjoy a complete experience.
  • Interact with the Chefs: Take advantage of interactive offers by engaging with the chefs for a fun and personal experience.


Whether you are a fan of smoked meat or looking for a place that combines a great atmosphere with exceptional food, Meat Moot is the perfect destination for you. Visit Meat Moot and enjoy a unique dining experience that takes you on a journey to the ancient streets of Istanbul while in the heart of modern Dubai.


We invite you to enjoy a unique atmosphere and incomparable delicious food. Whether you are residents of Dubai or visitors, you will find in Meat Moot a place that combines comfort and excellence, making every visit an unforgettable experience worth returning to again and again.

For more information about Meat Moot in JBR Dubai, you can visit their website Meat Moot Website.

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