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5 Best 32-Inch TVs To Buy in India – 2023 Price List

32-inch TV

There are a lot of variables to think about while shopping for a new TV in India, such as screen size, brand, cost, and additional features. A 32-inch TV is a common choice for individuals who want a smaller screen without sacrificing picture quality. Among the numerous benefits of buying a TV online is how handy it is. 

Whether you’re shopping for a 32-inch TV, a 55-inch TV, or something entirely else, the convenience of online shopping means you can do all of your comparison shopping from the comfort of your own home. Televisions with a screen size of 32 inches are often more cost-effective than those with larger screens. However, you should still conduct your research to get the best deal.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five 32-inch TVs on the market right now in India. Along with links to the best price lists you can find in the year 2023.

LG LQ Full HD LED 32-inch Smart TV with a Game Dashboard

The high resolution of this HDTV, which is 1920 by 1080, allows for the display of imagery with an exceptional level of clarity. The LG 32-inch TV has a modern minimalist aesthetic. Which can be a nice complement to the rest of the room’s refined decor. With its 2.0-channel speaker, it uses artificial intelligence to provide surround-sound effects.

A 5th-generation AI processor enables a 60 Hz frame rate and active HDR, guaranteeing that no detail is overlooked. With LG’s webOS Smart TV software, you can expect a simplified and trouble-free experience. The magic remote includes one-touch access to your favourite streaming services. Including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hotstar.

Plus, advanced AI evaluates how you typically use a service and provides customized recommendations. If you appreciate staying on top of sports scores and news, this smart TV is for you. In a nutshell, the LG Smart TV is a fashionable and cutting-edge TV. It is quite practical because it is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, AI Home, and Apple AirPlay.

Sony Bravia W830 Series HD Ready 32-Inch LED Android TV with X-Reality Pro

There is now a fantastic sale on the Sony Bravia W830 Series 80 cm HD Ready Android TV that can be found online. In response to a single command, your smart remote’s display will immediately switch to your preferred program.

In addition to providing high-definition clarity, its gorgeous thin bezel design is a selling point. As a result of the X-Reality Pro processing, every pixel in the image appears to be at a far higher resolution than it actually is. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 make it possible to connect to fast wireless networks and get online.

Many devices can be connected thanks to the 3 HDMI connectors and 2 USB ports. These ports allow you to do more than just plug in your TV box and flash drive. They also provide streaming and downloading of high-quality audio and video. The X-Protection Pro and anti-humidity functions will ensure that the back of your TV doesn’t get clogged up with dust.

OnePlus Y Series HD-Ready 32-inch Smart Android LED TV with No Bezel

There is no better option than the OnePlus Y1S Edge 80 cm HD Ready LED smart TV when it comes to watching movies and other forms of media. This television features two HDMI connectors as well as two USB ports for connecting external devices. Options for wireless connectivity include both WiFi and Bluetooth. The HDMI port is compatible with many different devices, including your laptop. It has a contrast ratio of 5000 to 1, which is rather impressive.

The Android platform enables you to make use of voice commands with Google Assistant, download and install a variety of apps from the Play Store, and peruse suggestions tailored specifically to your preferences. The OnePlus TV’s thin, bezel-free frame was meticulously designed to maximise the whole theatre experience. All eyes will be glued to the screen as the breathtaking graphics hold your attention and spark your creativity.

LG HD Ready 32-Inch Smart LED TV with Google Assistant and Active HDR

Invest in a smart TV today and take advantage of all the advantages that come with having a device like this LG 32-inch TV. With the aid of Active HDR, every scene is polished to perfection, delivering you more nuanced details and richer colours than ever before. Wi-Fi, a high-speed wireless networking protocol, allows for a reliable connection to the internet.

This device’s Wi-Fi connectivity, two HDMI inputs, and one USB port facilitate the wireless transfer of high-quality audio and video from a wide variety of sources, including streaming media players and USB flash drives. The AI Sound System and 20 watts of audio output on this LG smart TV will transport you into the action. 

The HDR10 Pro software is used to optimise the contrast and brightness of each image for better detail and colour reproduction. The best gaming resources are together in one easy-to-access location on this LG 32-inch TV. With a few clicks on the Game Dashboard, you may switch the active game genre settings.

Samsung Series 4 HD-Ready TizenOS 32-inch Smart TV with Alexa Compatibility

Start enjoying cutting-edge home entertainment with the Alexa-compatible Samsung Series 4 (32-inch) HD Ready LED Tizen Smart TV. Utilize the Sound Plus technology of the 40W 4 Channel to take a more in-depth look at the content you’re watching or listening to. This technology directs the sound waves in your general direction, so you can hear even the smallest changes in sound.

It has a well-developed browser, so you may surf the web from the convenience of your couch. Discover new information and read your favorite blogs while keeping up with your favorite social media. Any information you need may be located on the web and presented to you through a sophisticated browser. 

The PurColor technology really puts you in the middle of the action when watching videos. It improves the visual quality and makes the viewer feel more immersed by allowing the TV to show a far wider range of colours.

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