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How To Use Xdownder To Go After Your Carey Defenses

The cherry on the top of your sundae is serving up some sweet revenge on the one person who’s been meddling in your personal life. You know, because you’re not sure how much to say or how much information to give. That said, there’s an art to using Xdownder to go after your Carey defenses. It can be a tricky little tool that can be used effectively against anyone who’s trying to take your love life—finesse doesn’t mean it isn’t possible! Here are several ways you can use Xdownder as a go-to defense tool when you’re partner isn’t speaking his/her piece.

Use Xdownder To Go After Your Caveat And Confirm Commitment

Once you’ve got your concern in mind, you can turn to Xdownder to go after it. This little app can help you check in with your partner and let you know when he/she is in the mood to talk. It’s also a great tool for checking in with anyone else in your life for any reason—so long as it’s not you! Xdownder can let you know right away if he/she is in the mood to talk or not. If you find yourself in the latter scenario, you can connect with your partner on the app and ask if he/she is available to talk or just wants to hang out. Once you’ve gotten a read on what your partner is trying to say, take steps to get him/her in the mood to talk.

Show Up and Disarm The Mantra

This tip comes from experience, so you’ve likely already used it when you’ve been with a partner for a while. But it’s also the most important tip you can use when you’re dealing with a new partner. It takes the sting out of you feeling defenseless when he/she confronts you about everything. On the contrary, showing up and taking a real stand is what you need to do in order for your partner to open up and talk to him/her about what he/she is really trying to tell you. If your partner isn’t talking to you about what he/she wants to say, it’s likely because he/she is afraid to say it or doesn’t have the emotional strength to do so. So, show up and do the work. Go to the friends you trust and bring them on board so your partner doesn’t have to keep staying at a hotel in order to take you to the grocery store. When it comes to your relationship, there’s no one more trustworthy than your partner.

Disarm The Mantra

If your partner isn’t talking to you, it’s probably because he/she is in a state of mind where he/she can’t talk to you. It might be because he/she is in a state of denial or he/she is in a stage of depression that he/she cannot talk about. It might also be because he/she is afraid to say anything or has a compelling story that would be difficult to tell. Disarm the Mantra is an important tip to follow if your partner is in a phase of depression or the opposite. It tells you to step back and observe your partner’s state of mind. If he/she is in a state of denial or is in a stage of withdrawal, don’t try to convince him/her to come talk to you. Stay with it and see if your partner will open up about what really happened. If he/she will not give you a chance to prove him/her wrong, then walk away from the relationship and find a new partner.


If you are having a hard time going after your partner, it’s because you are not yet ready for the adventure. It might be that you are just not ready for the ride. This article has shown you several ways to go after your partner privately. But what about the public? Where can you go about this fighting game you’ve been playing for the last few months? Here are a few ways you can go after your partner in a public forum: – On the phone, in person or via email. – In person at a restaurant, bar or nightclub. – At a shopping event. – At a sporting event. – At a concert or festival.