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The Newest Game On The Block Is Movidle!

A blockchain-based gaming platform is coming soon. We have been waiting for a while now, but the rumors were true – Movidle is finally live. Movidle aims to create a new gaming ecosystem by combining blockchain technology and gaming. The platform will be operated by Movidle Labs Ltd., a company based in Malta. The goal of Movidle is simple: challenge the biggest game publishers in the world and become the next YouTube or Netflix. This can only happen with blockchain technology because it is more secure than traditional platforms, it has low fees, and it makes payments fast and easy. Today we are excited to introduce you to Movidle!

What is Movidle?

Movidle is the world’s first blockchain-based video game platform. It is designed to help game developers, game publishers, and game advertisers to connect, collaborate, and transact at scale. The Movidle ecosystem consists of three main parts: the decentralized blockchain video game economy, the decentralized video game advertising economy, and the centralized video game advertising exchange. The decentralized blockchain video game economy is powered by the MVV token. The MVV token is the native token used to buy and sell games and to access premium features inside the ecosystem. Advertisers use the MVV token to purchase ad space and gamers use MVV to buy promotional coins.

How Does Movidle Work?

To create a new game, developers have to buy a license and upload the game to the Movidle blockchain. After the game is uploaded, anyone can play the game by accessing a unique game ID. Users can create groups to play online games together and share their game experience with other group members. Developers can also earn money from selling game licenses and selling in-game advertising. Once a game has been uploaded to the blockchain, an open marketplace for in-game advertising becomes available. Advertisers can create campaigns to target specific groups of gamers and can choose which MVV tokens the gamers in their group will receive as payment.

Why Should You Care About Movidle?

Movidle is the first blockchain-based gaming platform that will be accessible to game developers, game publishers, and gamers. Plus, it has a decent number of games under development. With the help of the blockchain technology and MVV token, the ecosystem of Movidle aims to create a decentralized, scalable, and sustainable ecosystem for the video game industry. Movidle has gained a lot of attention in the gaming industry by partnering with some of the biggest game publishers and advertisers. It will benefit many gamers with the launch of the platform.

Who’s Behind Movidle?

Movidle is a joint venture between the blockchain gaming company Ponton and the adtech company Agavon. Ponton is a London-based audiovisual entertainment company with proprietary gaming technology and service offerings. Agavon is a leading seller of brand and product advertising on digital video.

Why Is Movidle Important?

Blockchain technology is growing rapidly, and it is expected to become mainstream in various industries. Gaming is one of the industries that can benefit the most from blockchain technology. With the help of blockchain and MVV tokens, the ecosystem of Movidle will help to create a decentralized and scalable ecosystem for the video game industry.

Pros and Cons of Movidle

Movidle has a great team, the CEO is a gaming expert, the development team is impressive, and they have partnerships with big games companies. The MVV token is a great token and it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be used to buy games, to access premium features inside the ecosystem, and to earn rewards when you play games. However, the marketing strategy of Movidle is not good, it is hard to find information about the platform and games, and the token price is quite low right now.

Final Words

Blockchain technology is the future of online gaming, and Movidle is one of the platforms that are leading the charge. We are excited to welcome the launch of the platform and wish the team the best of luck in growing its user base. Movidle is a game changer for gaming, and it is poised to make a big impact on the industry with the help of its blockchain technology.