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5 Tips to Consider for Instagram Business Account’s Growth

It has become very easy with Instagram business accounts to start online businesses from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere in the world. With millions of users already using Instagram and potential ones joining every day, promoting your business through Instagram is the best way to strategize business growth nowadays.

When considering using Instagram for business purposes, it is essential that you ponder over the things that make you follow other business accounts on Instagram. At times, you might be scrolling through Instagram using Spectrum phone deals for existing customers and saving stuff you might find aesthetic, or following pages that look interesting. The thing to notice from all of this is what made you follow these accounts and how you can implement these tactics in your own business account.

Purpose of Creating Your Business Account

You can’t aimlessly just create an account without any goals in mind that you wish to achieve. Before creating your business account, you should think carefully about why you wish to make that account and what you expect to achieve from it.

You might be creating a business account for increasing your brand awareness, as a temporary virtual shop, to build a target audience, to sell your products, or to even inform people of your company’s culture. Whatever the case might be, it is essential that you plan ahead of launching the account and set clear goals. You can jot down the goals on paper and regularly keep a check on whether you’re achieving what you aimed for or not. It can help you stay focused on your purpose and hence keep you on track. 

Profile Optimization

How you build your profile is absolutely crucial, because your profile is basically a visual portrayal of your business and what it has to offer. You need to make sure your account is switched to an Instagram business profile so that you can make use of the additional features that come with it.

Keeping in mind the limited bio space and profile picture options, you should try writing something catchy that would immediately intrigue your customers and set the tone of your brand’s personality. Moreover, it should include your company’s description, your contact, location, and a link to your website. Your profile is the first impression of your company to your customers, hence, should be optimized as perfectly as possible.

Furthermore, you should choose a profile that is either your logo or a graphic that goes with your business. Original profile pictures indicate that the accounts are authentic, hence it is better to use something that you captured yourself or your own logo.

Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Instagram is all about aesthetics. If your post feed looks boring, there’s a high chance you will have less traffic on your page. It is essential to plan out which post goes where and which posts look aesthetic when placed together. Furthermore, apart from the placement of posts, you would want to keep a check of whether the visual you are about to post looks presentable enough and whether it requires editing or not. Your posts can make or break your entire profile since they are the center of attraction for your entire account.

The aesthetics that works for one business might not work for others. You should choose a color palette or theme you would want to go by that would suit your business’s personality. If you post texts in your pictures, make sure they are legible and have attractive fonts.

Consistent Posting

When you select a regular schedule, you want to post in, the chances of your target audience viewing your posts in their timelines becomes very high. You should be very consistent in posting either every day or on alternate days since this ensures regular traffic viewing your posts according to their interests and likes and so that people know your page is active. Consistency improves engagement on your page; hence the more people interact with your posts, the more often it will pop up in their timeline.

Captions and Hashtags

Another attention-requiring task is writing your captions. The captions under each post describe what it is about and sometimes other information like the cost and details of a particular item. Apart from being as precisely informative about your product as possible, you should make use of hashtags in each caption. Hashtags categorize content and hence act as a bridging link from the search page to your business account. It is important to note that you get only 30 hashtags per post, so you should use them wisely.


Anyone can create a business account on Instagram, but not everyone uses the right tips and strategies to get the maximum use out of it. To ensure the growth of your business accounts, you should keep in mind the few essential tips necessary for it.