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5 Surprising Facts About Alex Ojjeh – The Perfectionist

Alex Ojjeh is one of the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet. He has a knack for squeezing in as many activities as possible under the sun, and his wife, Shaila, plays a crucial role in helping him achieve this goal. We know that sounds like a cliché, but it’s actually not. The couple make it look easy with their tips on how to get your spouse to work harder at home. Alex Ojjeh is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at American real estate investment firm Caxton Real Estate Investments. He oversees Caxton’s portfolio of properties across the United States as well as Europe and Asia. In his current position, Alex oversees over 6500 employees and manages more than $11 billion in real estate assets under management. Let’s take a closer look at how this perfectionist works so hard to reach his goals:

He’s always reading up on real estate trends

Alex is a firm believer that real estate trends are constantly changing, and he knows how to stay ahead of the game. He spends a lot of time reading up on new developments, trends, and companies within the real estate industry. He also follows news related to the economy and real estate trends to better understand how these factors can affect his investments. While most people might only look at the calendar to find out the best time to buy or sell a property, Alex sees the calendar as a tool to help him find opportunities. He doesn’t want to miss out on any opportunity to expand his portfolio because he was too early or too late.

He’s a coffee connoisseur

Coffee is more of a hobby for Alex than it is a necessity. Nonetheless, he still enjoys a cup or two each day. He is so fond of the drink that he even has his own brand of coffee. His favorite blend is called “Redford” and comes with a logo featuring Alex’s signature blue suit and red tie. He prefers this brand because it is sold in high-end grocery stores, making it accessible to all income levels. Alex also enjoys other drinks such as smoothies, iced tea, and even beer. He often hosts parties where he serves all of these beverages. He even has a special machine in his office supply room so that he can make iced coffee drinks for his team members.

He’s not afraid to ask for advice

Alex doesn’t just read up on trends, he also turns to experts for advice. When he first took on the CEO position, he had many doubts and insecurities. He was worried about all the challenges he would face as the leader of the company. Instead of regretting this decision and wallowing in self-doubt, Alex decided to reach out to people he considered experts. One of them was author and real estate investor, Robert Schoen. Schoen was happy to offer advice and support, and he soon became a close friend to the Ojjeh family. Alex also has a network of real estate investors he can turn to for advice. He uses these connections to find out what’s happening in the industry and what trends are happening on the forefront of real estate. He also uses his connections to find out what’s going on in the economy and what’s happening with the real estate market.

He believes in working out every day

Alex is an avid runner. He often posts pictures of him running on social media, and he often posts videos of him running. He is so passionate about running that he even has a running shoe named after him. He is an advocate of running for weight loss and as a form of meditation. He also runs with his wife, Shaila, who is a personal trainer. Together, they run routes around the city and throughout the country, but they have also completed marathons, half-marathons, and even ultra-marathons. Alex’s running hobby gives him a chance to reflect on his day and to clear his mind. He believes that working out every day can help you stay focused and improve your mood. You will also be less likely to get into arguments with your partner when you are both in a better mood.

The importance of networking

Alex believes networking is one of the most important skills you can have. He believes that you can meet people in any situation, and networking for real estate can lead to lucrative opportunities. He also believes that it’s important to make connections with people who are not in your industry. This can be people who work at a non-real estate related job like at a bank or insurance company. Alex also believes that you should start small and take baby steps to build your network. He recommends that you look up people in your school, at work, or in your neighborhood. Then, when you see them in a meeting, coffee shop, or around town, you can make a small conversation.


Real estate investing is not an easy career path, but Alex proves that it can be done. He has been successful because he has been able to stay focused and make the most of his opportunities. Alex is a strong believer in setting goals for yourself and working towards them no matter how long it takes. He believes in setting long-term goals and making sure that you are following a healthy diet, exercising, and working out with your partner. As you can see, Alex Ojjeh is no ordinary person. His work ethic is inspiring, and we hope you learned a few tips from him on how to make your partner work harder at home.